Revolutions in cybersecurity happen here.

We are the National Cyber War Foundation. We are elite cyber warriors with exceptional capabilities and knowledge. We believe we must share our knowledge, skills, and capabilities with those who share our passion for cybersecurity.

We must work together collaboratively to protect our God given freedoms. We were founded to address fundamental problems in cybersecurity. Our organization is operated by a group of volunteers. We work with other friendly and supportive organizations to operate cyber warfare ranges, global threat intelligence, cybersecurity education, and cybersecurity-focused events.

We build capable cyber warriors with hands-on skills development, mentorship, our culture of collaboration, and systems thinking. We then help our volunteers obtain employment in the cybersecurity industry.

Many find our expertise and competence in cybersecurity a breath of fresh air. Do you have something to offer the cybersecurity community? Have you realized that to be successful you need to be working with the right team? If you believe what we believe. Welcome home.

The National Cyber War Foundation is making a big difference worldwide.

Start your cybersecurity journey today!

Our organization and its awesome volunteers are looking for those who have a passion for cybersecurity. We have man ways for you to learn wirth us. If you are willing to put in the effort, we are happy to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Absolutely not. We do not have any agreements and do not collabrate with any government entity. In same cases we may have a facilities lease, but we are working with them either.

We are an all volunteer organization. Nobody gets a salary. We have a small group of financial donors that eable our ability to pay the costs of our operations. We have spun off technologies we developed inside the Cyber Warfare Ranges and are receiving royalties for that intellectual property.

Helping others find and work with us. Donating equipment and/or supplies. Financial donations for us to provide food and offset volunteer expenses is always welcome.

When there is no financial resource to fight over we are blessed with the right people for the job and relatively free from drama.