We facilitate the operation of cyber warfare ranges. Actual operation of a sustainable cyber warfare range is harder than one might think. Most “cyber ranges” are actually just “computer labs”.

We are completely different. The experience we have obtained since our beginnings in 2012 has helped us to develop the knowledge needed to build and maintain sustainable cyber warfare ranges.

There are several types of ranges that we offer:

  • Traditional – our original range. A temple of cybersecurity learning, collaboration, community, and events. Traditional ranges are only possible when one of our long term volunteers is willing to lead them.
  • Corporate – a cyber range with business objectives and outcomes. We have seen these produce a profound commercial results.
  • Academic – academic institutions are fundamentally hindered in their ability to operate a cyber range. This includes education topics and exercises. We help to overcome all of those obstacles.
  • Military/Government/Controlled – cyber ranges intended to serve specific and restricted audiences and objectives.
  • Mobile – fully portable cyber ranges designed for mobility and flexibility.

What we offer

  • Technology – we were forced to custom build our technologies due to the lack of needed functionality in commercial, open-source, and off the shelf technologies in the market.
  • Educational content – developed in conjunction with our volunteers, CWR Academy, our corporate partners, and our own subject matter experts our educational content is always on the leading edge. It is relevant, useful, and produces capable cyber talent. Our content is constantly updated.
  • Information dominance – the CWR ISAO is supported and maintained by the Cyber Warfare Range LLC. It sustains a global Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (ISAO) which sees over a billion Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) a day.
  • Our community ecosystem – with our reputation for excellence, our history, our contacts, our volunteers, and the surrounding collaborations we deliver a one-of-a-kind, robust, dynamic, flexible, and capable community ecosystem capable of anything conceivable in the cybersecurity world.
  • Results – cybersecurity problems are not solved with money and will power alone. No amount of resources will overcome a lack of practical cybersecurity knowledge. A very rare commodity.

Opening a new range

We encourage you to review the following materials prior to completing a new range proposal.

The process is easy.

  1. Complete our new range proposal survey
  2. Complete our mutual non-disclosure agreement
  3. Finalize the details of your new range
  4. Sign our contractual agreements

Making preparations for your proposal

To prepare for the first step you will need to have a plan for how you will finance your startup operations, identify who will be on your team, determine which range model you intend to follow, identify how you will finance your annual budget, and whether you want to operate independently of our organization or as part of our network of cyber warfare ranges worldwide.

Completing the mutual NDA

Our mutual non-disclosure agreement is a simple agreement. It preserves the confidentiality of our business operations and agreements. The agreements are draft by our legal team to meet the legal requirements of your country and its laws.

Finalizing the details

Those who fail to plan are planning to fail. Our team will work with your team to ensure all of the needed planning is completed. We work with you and will help you adjust to the realities of your new range, its supporting people, location, and financing.

Signing the agreements

Now we are ready to launch. The agreements will cover the conditions of our relationships, the rules of range operations and branding, and how issues will be resolved.

You will find our process to be simple, straight forward, and very achievable.